Los Angeles based architect/artist Jad Nickola Najjar creates all of his work from a pure sense of his own spiritual awakening. Drawing inspiration from a rich tapestry of Lebanese and Cuban cultures, his art speaks to a triumph of the imagination. Due to his diverse background in architecture, photography, and fashion, he has courted and excited patrons and interior designers, who have placed his work internationally.

Jad has a B.A. in Architecture from the University of Texas, which helped him create a very successful real estate career with the knowledge and ability to help buyers and sellers with remodeling, presentation, staging and placing his art in listings as an extra push for that "wow factor," which helps listings sell quickly even in the toughest market. He has represented many celebrities, and some of them have bought his custom­designed homes. His real estate, art, and home design can be seen on the website jadnickolahomes.com.

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